According to a World Bank survey, the average life expectancy of British people is 80.75 years. However, there is a man who continues to work at McDonald's even though he has exceeded his normal life. Bill Dudley, 88, who lives in North Wales, England, is the person. British media News North Wales reports.

88-year-old McDonald's staff Bill Dudley
88-year-old McDonald's staff Bill Dudley

According to the media, Dudley is from the Royal Navy. After the end of World War II, he worked for Airbus for 10 years. After working for the British Steel Corporation for 35 years, he has been holding the steering wheel for 15 years as a taxi driver.

But despite having worked for such a long time, Dudley took up the post of customer service manager at McDonald's after retiring as a taxi driver. He currently works two days a week, six hours a day, at a McDonald's mold store, greeting customers and cleaning tables.

"I will continue this work until I die," Dudley said, explaining why.

"It's boring to sit still at home. I don't drink and my wife doesn't allow me to mess around with the garden because my wife does everything.

I'm really looking forward to going to work after four days off at home. Because I like to meet and talk to people. That's also why I liked the taxi job. "

Dudley's boss, Terry Johnson, said of Dudley's work:

"Bill is the face of the store. Bill cares for all his customers and is very popular with them. He also works very well."

According to McDonald's, it's unclear if Dudley is really McDonald's oldest staff member. A spokeswoman said McDonald's does not have a database control over the age of its staff. However, after that, he added as follows.

"Bill is probably one of McDonald's oldest staff in the world."