A gift project to win the "GIANT Special Set", which is an assortment of 8 Giant Pocky & Pretz items, will start on July 1st.

Since the first "Giant Pocky [Yubari Melon]" was released in Hokkaido, the regional limited product "Glico Regional Limited Souvenir", which combines popular Glico brands such as Pocky, Pretz, and Colon with "local specialties". It is held to commemorate the 20th anniversary.

Oversized package!
Oversized package!

The GIANT special set is limited to 3 items of Giant Pocky [Yubari Melon / Shinshu Kyoho / Uji Matcha] and 5 items of Giant Pretz [Dried Etsujinmi / Beef Tongue / Shinshu Apple / Hatcho Miso / Hakata Mentaiko]. Goods. The package of each flavor is drawn on the outer box.

You can apply with one barcode of Glico area limited souvenir products (30 items in total). Please check the special website for details.

By the way, the top 3 popular items of regional souvenir products are 1st place "Giant Pretz [Naniwa specialty takoyaki taste]", 2nd place "Giant Pretz [Hakata Mentaiko]", 3rd place "Small Pretz [Zunda]". ..