"Kronatsu" was released in May in New York and is still in line. This "croissant + donut" hybrid dessert is the hottest product in hot New York.

"Kronatsu" is a hot topic in NY
"Kronatsu" is a hot topic in NY

Last week, a proxy purchase service "Premium Cronut Delivery" appeared on this cronut. This service is to line up in a long line on behalf of the user and deliver the purchased cronuts to your home. Delivery is possible anywhere in Manhattan.

The official website of the service has the following explanation.

"With our high-quality service, you can enjoy New York's hottest sweets without having to line up from 5am."

With "Premium Cronut Delivery", you don't have to wait in line.
With "Premium Cronut Delivery", you don't have to wait in line.

If you live in New York, this service is definitely worth using. The charges are as follows.

1 cronut: $ 100 (9,750 yen)
10 cronuts: $ 1,500 (146,000 yen)
20 cronuts: $ 5,000 (487,000 yen)

If you buy cronuts at the bakery Dominique Ansel, which sells them, the price of each one is $ 5. In other words, "Premium Cronut Delivery" is resold with a premium of $ 95. Isn't this too expensive?

By the way, this croissant, Banderole will be on sale as "Croissant Donut" from July 1st in Japan. It's not the same taste as New York croissants, but it's said to be an unprecedented sweet that you can enjoy the texture of croissants and the taste of donuts at the same time.

The price of croissant donuts is unknown. But you probably won't pay $ 100.