It's fun to see rotating objects, isn't it? I like to see the laundry spinning around in the washing machine. You can keep watching it all day long. Some of my friends like to look at the microwave turntable, but lately she often laments and gets angry, "The microwave doesn't turn these days!"

" RRRRRRRRROLL_GIF " is a site that announces animated GIFs by a group of five Japanese artists. The site publishes mysterious GIF files of girls, chabudai, apples, omelets, and pasta spinning about once every two weeks.

This time, the En-eating editorial department has decided to introduce works related to food from the animated GIFs that have been published in "RRRRRRRROLL_GIF" so far.

By the way, this "RRRRRRRROLL_GIF". For some reason, it is more popular overseas than in Japan, and has been featured in various art media and blog sites.

For example, iGNANT mentions why Japanese artists decided to make an animation GIF.

"'RRRRRRRROLL_GIF' was made by a group of Japanese friends. When they started making that amazing animated GIF, they thought it would be fun to travel with them and make something. Omission ≫ Many of the photos were taken by a group of friends on a short trip and spending nearly half of the time on that trip. The reason why the GIF is spinning was because I wanted to express the flow of time. Body, they say. "

My Modern Met explains that in "RRRRRRRROLL_GIF", the point is that the entire GIF image does not move, but only a part of it rotates.

"Whether the woman in the series rotates somewhere in the image or stands still beside a rotating object, the project provides a beautiful image in which only a portion of the whole moves."

Yatzer points out a similar point.

"The photos in the'RRRRRRRROLL_GIF'series cut out a frame of everyday life, many of which feature a charming woman who is quiet and melancholy, but that woman or other object spins. By doing so, the photo will look completely different. "

The GIF file format is an old standard published over 20 years ago. It was a move for websites in an era when broadband wasn't there yet. It's very interesting that such a wonderful work of art is produced by the old standard.

However, if you look closely at the image of "RRRRRRRROLL", it seems that some people get drunk on rare occasions, so be careful.