Seiyu's 298-yen bento "Big Horse" series new product "Tokumori Chicken Katsu Bento" will be released on May 16 at Seiyu and the side dish specialty store "Wakana" at a total of 432 stores.

About 120g chicken cutlet!
About 120g (4.23oz) chicken cutlet!

Approximately 120g (4.23oz) of chicken cutlet is used in this product, and the amount of side dishes such as Napolitan is also increased compared to conventional products. It is said that this time too, the lunch box weighs more than 500g (17.64oz).

With the launch of the "Special Chicken Katsu Bento", the "Dekauma" series will be two types, including the "Special Hamburger Steak" that is already on sale.

This is also 298 yen! "Special hamburger steak"
This is also 298 yen! "Special hamburger steak"