Coke is served in a variety of ways, including PET bottles, glass bottles, cans, and drink servers installed in drink bars. But does the taste differ depending on the form of delivery? And if they are different, which one is the most delicious?

Which is the most delicious, PET bottle, can, drink server?
Which is the most delicious, PET bottle, can, drink server?

The editorial department of the US media Huffington Post conducts a drinking comparison survey by volunteer editorial staff and publishes the results.

According to the media, the editorial department conducts a "blindfold test" of Coca-Cola provided on PET bottles, cans and drink servers. I decided which one was the most delicious. The results are as follows.

1st place canned cola
2nd place Coke in a PET bottle
3rd place Coke provided by the drink server

In the blindfold test, many editors said they could easily hit the cola provided by the drink server. And three-quarters of participants said that drink server cola tasted inferior to PET bottles and cans.

One editor describes the drink server cola as "dumb and watery." But another editor argues that cola is so sweet to me that it's so good. In any case, the taste of cola on the drink server was clearly different from that of cola in PET bottles and cans.

It was difficult to tell the difference in taste between canned cola and PET bottled cola. However, in the battle between the two, the "can" was given a boost. One editor said:

"Plastic bottle cola leaves a plastic aftertaste. [[ Omitted ]] I prefer canned cola."

In my opinion, I believe that cola in a glass bottle is the most delicious. Next time, I would like you to include cola in a glass bottle as a comparison target.

By the way, the taste of cola provided by the drink server varies considerably depending on the installation location. This is because the settings such as the amount of syrup and the strength of carbonic acid differ depending on the store where it is installed. The blindfold test used was a drink server at McDonald's near the Huffington Post editorial department.

Drink server
Drink server