There is a saying in Europe that you should not eat oysters in the months without an "R". This means, "Don't eat oysters for the four months of May (May), June (June), July (July), and August (August) without R!" It seems to be some advice, but it's just an old story, and now it seems that you can eat delicious oysters in spring and summer.

We would like to talk to Mr. Toshihiko Sado and Mr. Emi Endo of Bar Japan, which has 6 oyster bars and restaurants "Ostrea " in Tokyo, about "how to enjoy oysters" including this story at the new Ebisu store. I did!

● There are delicious oysters "because of spring and summer"

Oysters are roughly divided into two types: true oysters (Magaki) and rock oysters (Iwagaki). In Japan, the season for oysters is generally said to be "winter," but for rock oysters, spring and summer are the season. It seems that there are many oysters that are delicious because it is warm.

At the time of the interview (late April), Mr. Endo chose the small size and sweet "tip" from Hiroshima prefecture, the plump and milky taste of Irish "Irish premium oyster", and meat. Eight varieties recommended at this time, such as "Noto no Harukaki" from Ishikawa prefecture, which is thick but soft.

Even through "oysters a year, the season, the day, the moment that taste changes in. For example, you can eat particularly delicious and" Spring oysters of Noto, "" Sakurakaki "in the spring. Taste of different oysters in four seasons I want many people to enjoy it, "(Mr. Endo).

It can be very delicious in just one week!
It can be very delicious in just one week!

By the way, the oysters at the store feel a little "salty". It seems that this is related to the fact that it is provided without sprinkling fresh water as much as possible when peeling. "If you store the oysters in fresh water, they will absorb water and grow larger and look better. However, the taste will be watery, so it is not suitable for eating deliciously. In Ostrea, this" saltiness " "I think that is the" original taste of oysters "" (Mr. Sado).

So that's it…! Certainly, I felt that this "salty" goes well with the sweet oysters!

● Oysters are similar to wine and coffee and can be "sticky"

The "oyster taste" is created by combining various factors such as the place of origin, how to grow it, and when to eat it. Oysters fully satisfy the "adult's commitment" because the taste changes further depending on the order of eating and the combination with alcohol.

However, for those who are not familiar with oysters, the store called "Oyster Bar" may seem like a bit of a challenge. In such a case, let's ask the clerk for the time being. The store, which sells more than 20 types of oyster brands , seems to tell you exactly about various flavors, seasonal recommendations, and the order in which you can eat deliciously!

"It is basic to eat a lot of oysters in order from the varieties with the refreshing taste. Even if the taste of oysters is roughly divided, the salty ones, the milky ones, the sweet ones, and the cheese-like tastes. There are various types of foods that you can enjoy. It is one of the pleasures to eat while thinking about the “story (order of eating)” yourself ”(Mr. Endo).

It is also interesting to compare and eat while imagining the taste!
It is also interesting to compare and eat while imagining the taste!

Oyster maniac Saruya, like coffee or wine. Once you like it, you'll be completely addicted to it. According to Mr. Sato, "Oysters have many female fans, but many are especially addicted to men."

"By the time one oyster is made, there are various factors such as the sea to grow, the climate, the land, the producer, and the way of cooking. Even if one element shifts, the taste will be completely different, so it is deep and knowledgeable. If you stick to it, you can find delicious food as much as you stick to it . "(Mr. Sado).

As you can see, oysters are a very profound food. In addition to gourmet people, it is a food that I would like to recommend to people who are very particular about it, people who like human beings, people who like games with a lot of fun, and people who subscribe to "Mono ○ Gajin"!

Oysters with stones stuck to their shells! It seems to be quite valuable!
Oysters with stones stuck to their shells! It seems to be quite valuable!

● If you handle it safely, oysters will not "attack"

I think there are many people who are aware that oysters may be attacked. However, in recent years, aquaculture technology and transportation technology have been developed, and the environment for preventing food poisoning is well established, so it seems that there is no need to worry too much.

" Oysters can be eaten safely if handled safely, " (Mr. Sato).

It was a powerful word that left a strong impression on me. According to Mr. Sato, the store only deals with reliable producers who thoroughly sterilize seawater by ultraviolet rays, and also has an "ozone sterilization deodorizer" that can kill bacterial cells (people and people). Introduced in the store (harmless to nature). In addition, all stores have adopted hand soap that can sterilize bacteria, boil disinfecting cutting boards and kitchen utensils, and thoroughly use sanitary sterilization water "Pridia Pro" that can sterilize norovirus. It seems that they are working on it.

By the way, Mr. Sato, who has eaten thousands of "oysters managed at the same store", and Mr. Endo, who has eaten for seven years since joining the company, have never tried it. How encouraging ... I was relieved.

At the end, it was a little serious story, but I think the image of oysters has changed from "may be attacked ..." to "not attacked first!" Limited to "shops" ...).

As an aside, I'm also curious about the theory of "eating oysters = popular" (Mr. Sato), which I didn't touch on in this article. About this at the next opportunity! A delicious and fun "oyster life", you can start right now without having to wait until winter! Why don't you add "oysters" to your dinner options?

The fried oysters were also excellent ...!
The fried oysters were also excellent ...!