At Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, a new type of entertainment dining program "Disney Dining with the Sense" will be held for 10 days from July 17th to August 18th.

"Disney Dining with the Sense" logo (C) Disney
"Disney Dining with the Sense" logo (C) Disney

In this program, you can experience the "Disney movie world view" with your own imagination while blindfolding with an eye mask and enjoying the course menu with hearing, taste, smell, etc.

The venue is the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel banquet hall "Cinderella Dream", which will be held 20 times during the period. The number of people is 100 each time, and the price is 12,000 yen per person. Alcohol is also provided, so you must be at least 20 years old to participate. Tickets can be booked at Lawson Tickets (Internet or Lawson Ministop store "Loppi") from 10:00 on May 15th.

[Story setting]

A chef with a mysterious magical power serves as a guide for the program. He decided to magically connect the hotel banquet hall with the world of the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast" so that many guests could enjoy a party that was a bit different from usual. It's a dream experience for guests, created by the magical powers of interacting with the inhabitants of the story world and the full-course meals served at the castles they lived in long ago.

However, he made one condition. Use an eye mask that can catch the chef's magic. By wearing this eye mask, guests can feel the world view of "Beauty and the Beast" up close while staying in the banquet hall. However, when you remove the eye mask, the magical power disappears like bubbles. Guests will sharpen their senses other than sight and use their imagination to enjoy this party. (From a press release)