Miki Mama (Miki Fujiwara), who is known as a "home cooking researcher" , will release a new book "Miki Mama's Rakuuma Remake Cooking " on April 21st. At the Sanseido Bookstore Tokyo Solamachi store, an event was held in which Miki Mama handed over a new autographed book.
Miki Mama, a “home cooking researcher”
Miki Mama, a “home cooking researcher”
Miki Mama is a “home cooking researcher” who is widely active in TV and magazines. Her recipe book "Mr. Fujiwara's Daily Rice" has already been sold up to the third edition, and it seems that the cumulative sales have exceeded 1 million copies. In addition, Miki Mama's blog, " Fujiwara Family's Daily Home Rice, " which introduced "House menus in the 6000 yen range per week," is said to be popular, with an average daily PV of 1.2 million PV.

In "Miki Mama's Rakuuma Remake Cuisine", Miki Mama introduces 125 recipes with a wide variety of dishes such as miso soup, carbonara, boiled Chikuzen, and meat buns. In addition to remake recipes made from leftovers, there are plenty of items arranged using commercially available products such as side dishes and canned foods.

Miki Mama, who appeared at this event, said, "I want busy housewives to take a look. Instead of eating the rest, it's more delicious and luxurious than the original dish, and I'm looking forward to doing an" aggressive remake ". I want you to eat it while doing it. "

About 120 fans, mainly housewives, gathered at the venue and it seemed to be a great success.