StrapyaNext has started pre-order sales of the second "Gari-Gari-kun in the Refrigerator" of the "Fridge-Zoo Collection Talking in the Refrigerator". You can purchase it at Rakuten's "Nigiwai Shoten". The price is 2,300 yen.

"Gari-gari-kun in the refrigerator" is a collaboration product of the national ice bar "Gari-gari-kun" and the refrigerator storage type gadget "Fridge Zizoo". When you open the refrigerator, Gari-Gari will talk to you, such as "One Gari-Gari-kun a day!" There are 24 types of recorded audio in all. Of course, it also includes the song "Ga-Rigari-kun" that is familiar in commercials.

Also, if you open the refrigerator too much, the song "Open too much" will be played, so be careful not to open it too much. It is a gadget that is kind to the earth.

The size is about 89 height x 60 width x 47 mm depth and weighs about 54 g. It works with 3 alkaline coin cell batteries LR44.