Acecook will release "Noodle Harusame Vegetable Curry Supervised by Tanita Shokudo" on May 13th, which is particular about low salt and low calories. The estimated price is 189 yen.

On the back of the lid, there is also a bean knowledge of "healthy meal"
On the back of the lid, there is also a bean knowledge of "healthy meal"

This product is a tie-up product with "Tanita Shokudo," which has sparked a boom in employee cafeterias and a boom in corporate recipe books, and has become popular for healthy and satisfying meals.

In addition to the healthy feeling of vermicelli, which is low in calories despite its response to eating, under the supervision of Tanita Shokudo, the equivalent amount of salt is suppressed to the 1g (0.04oz) level, and iron and dietary fiber are also included. I'm happy with the product. On the back of the lid, it is said that the bean knowledge of healthy eating is also described.

In addition, for those who are more concerned about salt content, we have adopted a "reference line" that allows you to reduce the amount of soup. It seems that you can cut about 0.5g (0.18oz) of salt by leaving the soup up to this "reference line".

The soup is a curry-flavored chicken-based soup with scallop flavor and appetizing spices such as garlic, and rich tomatoes, cabbage, and carrots. I added plenty of vegetables such as cabbage, corn, spinach, and carrots.