Yoshinoya, Matsuya, Sukiya, and Kobe Lamptei. There are many gyudon chain stores, but among them, Sukiya is said to have the highest number of stores and sales in Japan. Sukiya is a store design with many table seats, unlike other gyudon restaurants that mainly have counter seats. For this reason, it is easy for women and families to use.

On April 12, Sukiya released "Yakisoba Gyudon" for a limited time. This is the movie "Crayon Shin-chan Stupid Uma!" With the theme of B-class gourmet. Class B gourmet survival! !! It seems that it is a menu created in collaboration with.

This is Sukiya's "Yakisoba Gyudon"
This is Sukiya's "Yakisoba Gyudon"

Even if it isn't, Sukiya has many families. During the campaign period, the store may be full of children of Shin-chan fans. The beef bowl shop is full of children, isn't it? You want to see it, right?

If you want to see it, go to see it. I went to Sukiya and ate Yakisoba beef bowl. Can you meet a child like Shin-chan?

■ Arrive at Sukiya

A poster of Yakisoba Gyudon is posted at the Sukiya store. In the poster, Shin-chan, wearing a Sukiya uniform and holding a trowel in both hands, is depicted on top of the photo of Yakisoba Gyudon, enlivening the campaign.

Does the Sukiya store have a slightly different atmosphere thanks to Shin-chan's poster?
Does the Sukiya store have a slightly different atmosphere thanks to Shin-chan's poster?

■ How, there are only men in the store!

I read that there are many family customers in the store because it is a collaboration with Shin-chan, but I was completely disappointed. Rather, the ratio of male customers is higher than usual. Even at the table seats where women usually sit, there are men such as office workers, high school boys, and gatten workers! And most of them ate "Yakisoba Gyudon".

Yakisoba beef don is so popular that the sweet smell of yakisoba fills the store!

■ Yakisoba beef bowl has arrived

After ordering the seats and waiting for a while, the yakisoba beef bowl arrived.

This is Yakisoba beef don!
This is Yakisoba beef don!

To explain the looks of yakisoba beef bowl in one word, it is "yakisoba in a bowl". It doesn't look like beef bowl. Since the surface is covered with yakisoba, you can't tell at a glance that the gyudon is hidden underneath. You can finally meet the meat by squeezing the yakisoba.

To meet the meat, you need to squeeze the yakisoba
To meet the meat, you need to squeeze the yakisoba

The ratio of yakisoba in yakisoba beef don was higher than I had imagined.

■ What is the taste?

The author predicted that the chef who developed this menu should have designed the total taste with a view to the "Yakisoba set meal" in Kansai. So, first of all, I will eat rice with yakisoba as a side dish. "Carbohydrate on Carbohydrate". This is a man's dream, isn't it?

However, what I found after trying it was that "this way of eating is not good".

In the yakisoba set meal, the sauce-flavored yakisoba and white rice match to create that deliciousness. However, the rice of Yakisoba beef bowl does not match Yakisoba because the taste of the beef bowl soaked in the rice is too strong.

Rice is delicious. Yakisoba is delicious with yakisoba. However, if you eat it together, the taste will be unclear.

This way of eating seems to be wrong.

■ Let's put the sauce

What I saw here was the attached "secret sauce". If you eat it with this, it will surely be delicious! is.

Apply "secret sauce"!
Apply "secret sauce"!

In Kansai, there is a menu called "Sobameshi". This is a dish of rice and Chinese noodles fried together and seasoned with sauce. If you add plenty of secret sauce to Yakisoba beef don, you should get closer to the taste of sobameshi. It looks good just by imagining it! So, I sprinkled some secret sauce and tried it like sobameshi.

... I found out that the taste of gyudon sauce is still quite strong, and even a secret sauce can't beat it. In other words, even with the secret sauce, it didn't taste like sobameshi.

Apparently, this way of eating was also different.

■ It's best to eat from the top obediently!

So, I gave up trying to find the aim of the menu creator and decided to eat from above.

Let's eat from above obediently!
Let's eat from above obediently!

The yakisoba on the top is a little sweet but delicious.
The meat underneath is delicious as usual.
Rice, of course, is good.

If you think of it as a menu where you can enjoy yakisoba and beef bowl for 390 yen, isn't this yakisoba beef bowl pretty good?

Sukiya has sold many menus with something on top of gyudon. For example, "Grated ponzu beef bowl" with grated ponzu on top of beef bowl. For example, "Wasabi Yamakake Gyudon" is a dish that is topped with wasabi and eaten with wasabi soy sauce.

Both grated ponzu and yamakake brought out a new taste from the beef bowl.

But yakisoba doesn't pull out anything. It's just there.

But it's good. I think this cleanliness is what "Yakisoba Gyudon" is. Maybe that's fine.

■ What calories do you care about?

Yakisoba Gyudon is a clean man's menu called "Carbohydrate on Carbohydrate". It looks like a calorie bargain.

However, according to the Sukiya website, the average calorie of "Yakisoba Gyudon" is only 751 kcal. The calorie of "Namimori Gyudon" on the regular menu is 634kcal, so the difference is only 117kcal. This is just one calorie for Black Thunder and two for Umaibo. For the men who ate Yakisoba beef bowl on that day, this difference can be said to be within the margin of error.

The price of "Yakisoba Gyudon" was 390 yen for regular serving, 490 yen for medium and large serving, 590 yen for special serving, 720 yen for mega serving, and 340 yen for mini.