"The best wine to drink in Japan 2013-From terroir to dining table-" was held at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo in June with the aim of "finding the most delicious wine" from domestic and imported wines that can be drunk in Japan. It will be held on the 2nd. This is the third time. From the end of March, a special website will be open to accept wine listings and recruit 60 judges for wine lovers.

At the show, 10 experts and 60 enthusiasts evaluate the wine through a blind tasting. White wine is classified into 6 categories, dry, medium dry, sweet to extremely sweet, and red wine is light body, medium body, and full body, and platinum, gold, and silver medals are selected according to the score.

Furthermore, one item that has won gold or higher and has the highest total score of experts and enthusiasts will be commended as the best wine in each category, and one red and white item that also won the highest score in domestic production will be commended as the best domestic wine. ..

It is said that this judging method emphasizes the evaluation from the viewpoint of tasting the wine, in addition to the quality of the wine.

State of the fair
State of the fair

The award-winning wines will be offered at a tasting event with general participation scheduled to be held from mid-July to early July, and will also be offered at Fujita Kanko Group restaurants and shops nationwide.

In addition, it is said that there were several times as many applications as the capacity at the past two holdings. Some wines are rated by experts and enthusiasts, and for producers and importers, it is said that they were able to obtain valuable data on the tastes of enthusiasts in addition to the quality.