Morinaga & Co. will renew the design of the "Chocolate Ball" character "Kyoro-chan" in early March. The design of the three "chocolate balls [peanuts] [caramel] [strawberry]" has been changed, and the three newly designed "Kyoro-chan" will debut as "Kyoro-chan's". This is the first design change in 46 years since its launch in 1967.

"Kyoro-chan's" was born by this renewal
"Kyoro-chan's" was born by this renewal

Kyoro-chan old design
Kyoro-chan old design

The purpose of this renewal is to build a world view of "chocolate balls", to further penetrate the target and build a brand, and to motivate customers to buy. The design has been changed to a rounded design that is familiar to children, and each of the three "Kyoro-chan" has a different character. It is said that he built Chan.

In addition, as an unveiling event of Kyoro-chan, the formation debut concert "Kyoro-chan's Dance Live 2013" will be held from July 24th to August 29th for 19 days. Kyoro-chan and his friends sing and dance "Queque Dance" based on the song "Quek Ek E, Chocobo-le ♪", and it is said that the event is open to visitors with the theme of dance.

There are 18 performance venues nationwide, including Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kobe. To participate in the event, you need to apply for a total of 6 points, including 1 point of the "chocolate ball [peanut] [caramel] [strawberry]" mark and 5 points of the mark attached to the company's products. An admission voucher will be sent to the winners by lottery.

[Kyoro-chan's Profile]

■ Peanut Kyoro-chan

Age / 5 years old Gender / Male Address / Angel Village Hobbies / Queque Dance, Singing Special Skills / Shred Guitar

He can easily compose and write lyrics for all the tracks of the group, DJ, and musical instruments. Dance is a skill enough to serve as a judge for the world dance competition. You can freely control the voice of the song from the high range to the low range.

■ Caramel Kyoro-chan

Age / 5 years old Gender / Male Address / Angel Village Hobbies / Watch Collection Special Skills / Gardening

In charge of MC. Anyway, it's good to partition, and he always partitions in MC.

■ Ichigo Kyoro-chan

Age / 5 years old Gender / Female Address / Angel Village Hobbies / Shopping Special Skills / Photographs are cute

You can freely manipulate "8 octaves" and become the center depending on the song. I'm not good at dancing! ?? Madonna-like existence of "Kyoro-chan's".