"Bocchi rice" is an event where you can eat lunch alone. This time, the author, who had been shaving a lot of bocchi and ho as a "lunchtime solo player" before this bocchi rice became a social problem, from a person who can not enjoy bocchi rice so much. I would like to teach "Bocchi Hack" to people who are highly conscious of wanting to improve their lunch skills. All right, everyone's ally!

I feel relieved when I'm alone ...
I feel relieved when I'm alone ...

■ Live stream to all over the world

Even though I am a member of society, I can become a "botchi" because I belong to an organization. Let's appeal to society through Ustream and Nico Nama that "I'm in the bathroom and eating food". It is because "Bocchi" can make others shed tears, make smiles, and give courage just by showing the appearance of meals. We, no, you move the world.

If you continue to deliver, you should get comments. Things that curse you, things that you worry about, and if you look closely, you'll be a fan of cool faces! I think there are a wide variety of systems, but since all the sources of comments are your mother, you can return "Fee ... Bento is delicious ...". This is your chance to spend money or send money.

■ Use Actinidia polygama to lure cats

This may be a park. Sprinkle Actinidia polygama leaves under your feet or apply Actinidia polygama extract to your shoes to lure nearby stray cats. Many cats are "botchi" like us, so there is no doubt that they can communicate with each other! The character setting that says "I'm lonely but loved by animals" is also a high point.

When I'm eating surrounded by cats, I sometimes get pressed by a carnivorous woman saying, "Cats are cute! Nyan Nyan!" It's kind of annoying, so don't look at it and keep chewing on the rice with a resolute attitude. If you still get in the way, shout "Ahhhhh! I'll get all my stomach out!" And I'll be backed up, so I'll carry as many cats as possible and run away.

Don't look back, "I still have a cat ...!" Anger and hatred cloud judgment. You have to live strongly and lonely to the extent of the cats that have been sacrificed.

■ Bocchi Rice Doubles

If you find another botchi rice player in your botchi rice territory, start eating a little closer (for example, on the other side of the bench, back-to-back seats at the next table, different steps on the same stairs, etc.). It will be doubles.

The other person may think, "What's this guy ...", but after all, the other person is also lonely, so it's okay to get rid of it. Let's hold on and lick the cherries.

Once you get used to it, move to restaurants, set meals, company and school cafeterias. If the soy sauce is far away, you may want to say "I'm sorry". If disposable chopsticks are close to each other, you may want to say "please". If you're full, you may want to share the side dishes with "If you like." If you meet in the same place every day, and if you want to meet, you may be able to make friendships with that person.

(Sentence: Daughter of Kyoto Sanjo Itoya)