Are you straining your stomach and liver during the New Year holidays, year-end party and New Year party? It is said that you can drink "Five Energy Jiuqu Shake", an "organ care" drink, which is perfect for when you want to take care of your body once in a while, at the restaurant G & V in Ginza.

The colors are colorful and beautiful.
The colors are colorful and beautiful.

Five Energy Jiuqu Shake is a drink that combines "vegetables that nourish organs" based on the macrobiotic Yin-Yang five elements and "amazake" made only from rice and rice jiuqu. The concept is to effectively obtain beauty and health by approaching weakened organs.
Amazake contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid, dietary fiber, oligosaccharides, amino acids such as cysteine, arginine and glutamine, and glucose. Since these nutrients have almost the same contents as infusions, they are called "drinking infusions".

Flavors are "peanut butter & broccoli (liver / gallbladder)" "Japanese mountain carrot & carrot W carrot (heart / small intestine)" "cinnamon & pumpkin (stomach / spleen / pancreas)" "ginger & radish (lung / large intestine)" "Cocoa & Gobo (kidney, bladder, genital organs)". It is a flavor that seems to be surprisingly easy to drink.

G & V is a macrobiotic-based “beautiful” restaurant. Five Energy Jiuqu Shake is served at the restaurant, drinks only are 735 yen, and a set with cake sale is 1,050 yen.

If you feel that your body is weak, you may want to take care of yourself with a macrobiotic organ care drink.