On December 10th, Akagi Nyugyo started a campaign to receive "Gari-Gari-kun T-shirts". You can apply from the company's official website (https://ssl.akagi.com/christmas/).

The campaign is conducted for the purpose of researching the Akagi Nyugyo website. From those who answered the questionnaire, 100 people will win the Christmas limited version of Gari-Gari-kun T-shirt by lottery.

Speaking of winter gifts, gloves and mufflers with characters, body warmers and hot water bottles are the standard items. However, Akagi Nyugyo will give you a T-shirt this midwinter! What's more, the T-shirt is designed with popsicles that make you feel cool just by looking at it. What a sense of season! This sensibility of Akagi Nyugyo is very nice!

The application period is from December 10th to 16th.