In Eating, I introduced the project "Ento " that a British university is working on. The project aims to eliminate people's resistance to eating insects by developing and providing menus that do not seem to be insects at first glance.

However, just as "such efforts are lukewarm!", A powerful event will be held here in Japan to eat insects as they look.

"Tokyo Insect Eating Festival Vol.4 " held in Nakano, Tokyo is a project to enjoy insect eating. It will be held on November 23, Labor Thanksgiving Day, with the meaning of gratitude for the work of insects in the global ecosystem. As you can see from the fact that it says "Vol.4", this is the 4th popular event.

At this event, we will approach "insects" as food from various angles.

At the event, an "insect cooking contest" will be held. Bug eaters led by Shoichi Uchiyama, the only insect cooking researcher in Japan, will judge all the applicants for insect cooking! We will discover insect cooks who will be responsible for the food of the future.

In addition, the latest reports on the current state of insect food will be made, such as the Thai-Laos insect food report by the person in charge of NGO Laos and the research presentation by the Edible Insect Science Study Group.

The event is not only a formal story, but also a lot of entertainment elements such as a talk show by "Mereko Mereyama" who is also famous as "Mushi Girl" and a digest version of the documentary movie "Musukui"!

"Insect Girl" Mereko Mereyama appearing in a talk show
"Insect Girl" Mereko Mereyama appearing in a talk show

The Tokyo Bug Eating Festival will start at 17:00 on November 23, 2012. The fee is 2,000 yen. The place is Toen Hall in Nakano, Tokyo.

The En-eating editorial department conducted an infiltration interview on the day. We will report on the event at a later date.