FamilyMart "Tamagotchi Manmaru Yaki

FamilyMart "Tam

agotchi Manmaruyaki" "Tamagotchi Manmaruyaki" will be available at


's chilled sweets corner on May 28. The price is 230 yen (tax included).

Tamagotchi Manmaru-yaki

The first generation "Tamagotchi" is branded on the surface of the brown sticky dough Imagawa-yaki. There are a total of 9 types of branding. The inside is filled with milk-flavored cream.

FamilyMart "Tamagotchi Manmaru Yaki

There are three package designs and nine original stickers that come with the package. Some of the packages and stickers have been designed by the same designer who designed the Tamagotchi package back in the 90's. These stickers are a special design only available in the Manmaru-yaki brand.

FamilyMart "Tamagotchi Manmaru Yaki

There are three types of packages: a Tamagotchi design, a UFO design, and a Mamaruyaki cooking design. The Tamagotchis peeking out from the package are very cute.

FamilyMart "Tamagotchi Manmaru Yaki

The sticker lineup includes many designs related to sweets and Mamaruyaki, such as a sticker design in which the Tamagotchi itself is decorated with cream.

FamilyMart "Tamagotchi Manmaru Yaki

A download code for the "Taichi Yakigurumi" accessory that can be used with Tamagotchi Uni is also included. This is a dress-up version available only for Tamagotchi Uni.

FamilyMart "Tamagotchi Manmaru Yaki

When you download data using the download code, the download code will be linked to the Tamagotchi Uni from which you downloaded the data.
* Up to three download codes can be used in total, including a spare.
* Wi-Fi environment required for downloading.
* Download codes can be Download code cannot be reissued in case of loss or damage.

* Branding designs delivered to stores are random.
* Combination of branding and sticker designs are random.


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