Sushiro "Annual Super Thanksgiving, 2024 Sushiro Day"

Sushiro "

Once a Year Super Grateful! 2024 Sushiro Day" Sushiro will hold "Once a Year Super Grateful! 2024 Sushiro Day" from May 29 to June 16. As a first step, Sushiro will hold "Double Toro Festival" for five days only starting May 29.

Double Tuna


The centerpiece of the "Double Tuna Festival" is "Tokuneta Chutoro," which is usually served on a red plate for 180 yen (including tax), but is cut into twice the usual amount in the restaurant and sold for 100 yen, including tax, at all Sushiro restaurants. The Sushiro's signature chutoro, which is a perfect balance of fatty and lean tuna, has been carefully selected and is now available at an outstanding value for money.

Sushiro "Double Tollo

Total 2.79 million servings to be sold, and will end when sold out.
* Limited number of servings available per day.
* Shape may vary due to in-store preparation.
* Plates may vary.
* Colors and designs of plates at Universal City Walk Osaka differ.

In addition to "Double Tuna", other seasonal summer menu items and limited time offerings are also available. In addition to "Double Toro," the restaurant also offers a summer seasonal menu and limited-time-only items. Takumi no Kaisen Maki Stacked" from the "Takumi no Sushi Waza" lineup, which inherits the skills of the best sushi chefs, is now available in a new summery version. In addition to the standard ingredients such as tuna, salmon, and eel, sardines and avocados are newly added to the lineup, and 13 different ingredients are carefully rolled in the restaurant.

Sushiro "Takumi no Kaisen Maki Stacked

The crispy "ko-ika" (cuttlefish), a favorite among employees, is also on the summer seasonal menu. Other limited-time items on the menu include "Yamaizumi Salad Gunkan," a mountain of corn, tuna salad, and crab-style salad; "Seared Wild Kinki," a premium kinki fish that has been salt-seared to extract its flavor; and "Boiled Hamaguri Nigiri," a standard Edomae sushi item.

Sushiro "Salad Gunkan

Sushiro To Go" and "Kyotaru Sushiro", which specialize in takeout, do not carry this item.

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