Actual Tasting "&ROOIBOS Peach Rooibos Tea


Peach Rooibos Tea

I actually purchased and drank "&ROOIBOS Peach Rooibos Tea" sold by LB. It contains 450 ml of rooibos tea and is priced at 128 yen (excluding tax).

The "&ROOIBOS Peach Rooibos Tea" is a special fruit tea that combines the best quality rooibos tea leaves with Japanese white peach juice (10% of the juice used in this product is from Japan). Caffeine-free.

Actual Tasting "&ROOIBOS Peach Rooibos Tea
&ROOIBOS Peach rooibos tea

Peach flavor of rooibos tea is a bit rare! I found it in the drinks section of a convenience store, so I bought some to try. The pale peach-colored package has a cute design.

When I put it close to my mouth, I could smell the fresh peach aroma. The fruity sweetness spreads quickly at first, followed by the unique flavor of rooibos. The sweetness is moderate and the aftertaste is refreshing! The peach sweetness and rooibos flavor are well balanced, creating an exquisite gradation of flavors. Rooibos itself is a flavor that can be liked or disliked, but rooibos lovers will surely like it!

Actual Tasting "&ROOIBOS Peach Rooibos Tea

Personally, I would have been happier if it were a little less sweet. However, compared to ordinary packaged fruit teas, it does not taste as much like juice. &ROOIBOS Peach Rooibos Tea is perfect for when you need a break. Rooibos tea lovers should check it out!