Splatoon 3 Character Magnets" acrylic magnet


3 Cara Magnets will be sold by Bandai Candy Division. Priced at 275 yen per piece (tax included), they will be available around June.



: Acrylic magnets of characters from "Splatoon 3" for Nintendo Switch will be available. The magnets are approximately 40-50mm in size and come in a total of 20 varieties. Also included is a memo card (10 types in total) expressing the world of Splatoon, which can be used together with the magnets. Includes 1 magnet, 1 note card (10 types), and 1 piece of gum (soda flavor).

The lineup is as follows

1. bukichi
2. omura
3. hanagasa
4. yashigani-san
5. paruko
6. mother
7. spikey
8. fuuka
9. mantaro
10. utsuho
11. judge-kun
12. cojudge-kun
13. ink ring
14. octo-ring
15. cojake A
16. cojake B
17. cojake C
18. jellyfish a
19. Jellyfish B
20. Super turban shell

(C) Nintendo