Chiikawa Friends 3" Friends soft vinyl series
(Image taken from the official website)


Friends 3 Friends Soft Vinyl Series

Bandai Candy Division will sell the Friends soft vinyl series "Chiikawa Friends 3". The price is 385 yen per piece (tax included). The release is scheduled for October.


Friends 3

The "Chiikawa" series, popular on Twitter, is the third in the Friends soft vinyl series with cute adult designs. The soft texture and shape unique to the soft vinyl series have made the chii-kawas into cute and cuddly figures. The size of the figure is approximately 60-70mm, which fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and gives it a sense of presence.

The lineup includes Chiikawa, Hachiware and Usagi holding chopsticks and riding in a car with a booy, as well as a flying scene of Momonga and Anoko, who makes her first appearance in the Friends series. This series can be enjoyed not only for playing with dolls, but also as a collection.

Chiikawa Friends 3" Friends soft vinyl series

Includes 8 colored soft vinyl dolls and a pack of gum (soda flavor).

1. Chiikawa
2. Hachiware
3. Usagi
4. Momonga
5. Anoko
6. Chiikawa (Kuruma-booey)
7. Hachiware (Kuruma-booey)
8. Usagi (Kuruma-booey)