Tsubaki Sozen "Tropical Barley Tea

Tsubaki Sozen Tropical Mugi-cha

Tropical Mugi-cha, a refreshing barley tea, will be available from Tsubaki Sozen prior to the arrival of full-blown summer. This product, which was sold out immediately after its release last year, will be available in limited quantities starting June 1 for 810 yen (tax included) for 10 10g (0.35oz) x 10 teabags (100g (3.53oz) total).

Tropical Barley Tea

is made from a blend of barley and coarsely ground barley. While most barley teas on the market are made from 100% barley, the blend of the two ingredients is one of the main characteristics of Tropical Mugi-cha.

Tsubaki Sozen "Tropical Barley Tea

To further enhance the sharpness of the flavor, the coarsely ground barley is sifted once again to remove the fines. The pineapple and mango flavors are then added to give the tea a more fruity finish. The easy-to-take tea bags are also an attractive and convenient way to enjoy the tea.

The zipper package is convenient for storage and carrying. Tropical Mugi-cha" in a watered-down tea bag can be easily enjoyed at the office or on the go. The refreshing barley tea also makes a great summer gift, and the cheerful, vitamin-colored labels remind us of the summer season, when the sun is shining brightly.