(Image taken from the official website)

Kitanklub Tamamono ZOO

Kitanklub will start selling capsule toys called "Tamamono ZOO" in mid-May. The price is 400 yen per capsule (tax included). The lineup will be available at capsule toy stores nationwide.


ZOO: A new type of figure that combines food and animals. The lineup name is a play on words that will make you chuckle, and the realistic shapes, which look as if they actually exist as living creatures, create a mysterious worldview that will be addictive. From the indescribable expression on the Ichi-Gorilla's face to the texture of the Ne-Korokke (croquette) batter, the figures are finished with a focus on both animal loveliness and food realism.

The lineup is as follows.

・ I-Noodle
・ Ne-Korokke
・ Kamedama-Yaki
・ Flappen Penguin


Cute? Does it make you want to eat it? Kitanklub's "TABEMONO ZOO" is a great way to display your favorite foods side by side. Why don't you try to complete it?

(C) Akikoya