Gusto "Mother's Set"

Gusto "Mother'

s Set" Gusto restaurants will offer "Mother's Set" for a limited time from May 11 to May 21. A special coupon campaign will also be offered.


's Set "Mother's Set" is a special Mother's Day menu offered from May 11 to May 21. The set includes a half-size homemade fresh pasta dish, salad, soup, and dessert for 1,200 yen (tax included). The price is more than 400 yen less than if ordered separately.

Gusto "Mother's Set"

There are three types of fresh pasta to choose from: "Thick Meat Sauce (half)," "Shirasu and Kujo Negi no Dashi Shoyu Butter (half)," and "Mentaiko Cream (half). The chewy texture of these "homemade authentic fresh pastas" can be enjoyed. The salad is "Shrimp and Fruit Salad (S)" (Cobb Dressing or Onion Soy Sauce Dressing), the soup is "Corn Potage", and the dessert is "Strawberry and Green Tea Trifle".

Gusto "Thick Meat Sauce (Half)
Thick meat sauce (half)

Gusto "Shirasu and Kujo Negi no Dashi Shoyu Butter (half)
Shirasu and kujo leek in dashi broth and soy sauce butter (half)

Gusto "Mentaiko Cream (half)
Mentaiko cream (half)

Gusto "Shrimp and Fruit Salad (S)
Shrimp and Fruit Salad (S)

Gusto "Corn Potage"
Corn Potage

Of particular note is the "Strawberry and Matcha Trifle," a sweet that combines the popular green tea strawbutter with strawberries.

Strawberry and Matcha


Gusto "Strawberry and Matcha Trifle"

The "Strawberry and Green Tea Trifle" is a popular shortcake-style trifle made with fluffy Taiwanese sponge cake, mascarpone cream, and raspberry sauce, topped with strawberries, Tokachi Ogura An (red bean paste), black honey, and matcha strawbimochi.

Gusto Special Coupon Campaign

Save 100 to 250 yen on eligible menu items by using coupons distributed through the official SUKAIRAKU app. The list of eligible menus and prices including tax are as follows.

Kids Udon Plate 600 yen → 350 yen
・ Kids Hamburger Plate 600 yen → 350 yen
・ Fried Potatoes (mayo & cod roe butter) 500 yen → 400 yen
・ Filled Mayo Corn Pizza 700 yen → 550 yen
・ Karayoshi Karaage (sesame garlic sauce) 3 pieces (sesame & garlic sauce) 450 yen → 350 yen
・ Karayoshi Karaage (sweet and sour sauce) 3 pieces 450 yen → 350 yen
・ Chocolate banana and mascarpone pancakes 650 yen → 550 yen

Gusto "Kids Udon Plate
Kids Udon Plate

Gusto "Kids Hamburger Plate
Kids Hamburger Plate

Gusto "Fried Potatoes in a Mountain of Fries (Mayo & Mentaiko Butter)
heaping up fries (mayo & cod roe butter)

Gusto "Plenty of Mayo Corn Pizza
Pizza with plenty of mayo corn

Prices shown are "city" prices. Prices may vary by store.