Nitto Kocha "Honey Rooibos

Nitto Kocha Hachimitsu R

ooibos I actually bought and tried Nitto Kocha's "Hachimitsu Rooibos" which I found at a supermarket. 20 bags in a box for an estimated price of 600 yen (excluding tax).



Hachimitsu Rooibos has the sweet aroma of powdered honey and the taste of rooibos. While regular "honey black tea" is often seen, "rooibos" seems a bit unusual. It is a great point to enjoy this caffeine-free product. The sealed individual packaging locks in aroma and freshness and uses no metal clasps.

Nitto Kocha "Honey Rooibos
honey rooibos

Nitto Kocha "Honey Rooibos

Actual Tasting

Pour boiling water (150-160 ml per cup) into a warmed cup and add a tea bag. Cover and let steep, then remove the tea bag!

Nitto Kocha "Honey Rooibos

When you bring the cup close to your mouth, you will smell the aroma of honey that you can feel softly! The soft rooibos flavor is well matched with the gentle honey taste. It has zero caffeine, so it's great for relaxing at night!

Nitto Kocha's "Honey Rooibos" is perfect for those times when you just want something a little sweet. Please pick up a bottle when you see it.

Because it contains honey, do not give to infants under 1 year old.