Nakau "Beef Suki Unaju" and "Unaju".


Beef Sukiyaki Unaju Unaju

Beef Sukiyaki Unaju and Unaju Unaju will be available from 11:00 a.m. on May 9, 2012, and will be priced as follows. Prices are 900 yen for a standard serving of unaju, 1,400 yen for a special serving of unaju, 1,970 yen for a large serving of unaju, 1,090 yen for a standard serving of unaju, 1,080 yen for an unaju (standard serving) with dashi broth chazuke set, and 800 yen for an eel plate (one eel) (all prices include tax).



Nakau's popular annual dish, the eel, is made by repeating the process of slowly grilling and steaming the eel, then dipping it in sauce and grilling it three times to create a savory, fluffy texture. The soft and fragrant eel can be enjoyed with a broiled egg made with our special eggs.

This year, in addition to the standard "Unaju", "Gyu-suki Unaju", which is served with beef seasoned in the Kansai region's sukiyaki style, is newly launched. Beef simmered in a deep, sweet premium sauce is a perfect match for the juicy eel. Enjoy the luxurious combination of beef and eel.

Nakau "Eel Gokkai Maki
Eel, served in a hearty portion.

Also available is the "Una Dish," which can be enjoyed as a stand-alone dish. Families can choose it as another side dish.

Nakau "Beef Suki Unaju" and "Unaju".

The "dashi chazuke set" cannot be taken home.
The sale is scheduled to end in late August.