Cafe COMSA Banana and Caramel Nut Mille Crepe


Banana and Caramel Nut M

ille Crepe Cafe COMSA has designated the third day of every month as "Mi (3) Crepe Day" and is offering fruit-filled Mille Crepe sandwiches. The price is 1,200 yen per piece (tax included).

Banana and Caramel Nut

Mille Cre

pe Mille Crepe is a French word meaning "thousand crepes," consisting of several layers of crepes with cream or fruit sandwiched in between. Bananas are the most widely consumed fruit in Japan. Bananas are popular among men, women, and children of all ages, and we have combined them with caramel nuts, a deliciously bittersweet fruit that goes well with bananas, to create a Mille Crepe that everyone can enjoy during the Golden Week holiday season.

The moist and sweet bananas are decorated with caramel cream and crepe dough. The inside of the mille crepe is also generously sandwiched with bananas and decorated with caramelized nuts as an accent.

The price and design differ for the Ginza store.
Prices and designs are subject to change depending on the availability of fruits.