Garigari-kun Rich Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip" from Akagi Nyugyo

Akagi Nyugyo

Akagi Nyugyo will sell "Garigari-kun Rich Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip". The release date is May 2. The product is 100 ml, contains 144 kcal, and is priced at 162 yen (tax included).

Garigari-kun Rich Choco

Choco Choco Ch

ip "Garigari-kun Rich Choco Choco Choco Chip" is a popsicle containing chocolate ice cream and chocolate shaved ice with chocolate chips. This product makes chocolate cool, tasty, refreshing, and enjoyable in summer, and the texture is also enjoyable. Due to many requests for a re-release, we have decided to sell it for the first time in approximately five years.