Kirby Hungry Kirby Kitchen" from Re-Ment
(Image taken from the official website)

Re-Ment Kirby Hungry Kirby Kitchen

Re-Ment will release "Kirby Hungry Kirby Kitchen". The release date is scheduled for May 29th. The price is 935 yen (tax included).

Kirby Star Hungry

Kirby Kitchen

Cooking with Kirby and Waddle Dee. A variety of kitchen items with cute Kirby motifs. Contents include figures and mini-sheets. There are 8 kinds in total, and the lineup is as follows

1、Morning meal is fresh toast★
2、Who snacked on the cream?
3、 How about freshly brewed tea?
4、 Pizza with tomato sauce
5、 Special lunch today★
6、 Handmade madeleines as a snack
7、 Chicken rice is all yours
8、 Clean up after you finish eating

You can create a diorama of your kitchen with the special box purchase offer. Also, the oven can be opened to hold a tray.

Kirby fans won't want to miss out on the "Hoshi no Kirby: Hungry Kirby Kitchen". Why not recreate a cute kitchen in your own home?