Komeda Coffee Shop "Jericho Kaga-bo Hojicha" and "Jericho Crème Brulee".

Jericho Kaga-bo


and "Jericho Creme Brulee" at Komeda Coffee Shop Jericho Kaga-bo Hojicha and Jericho Creme Brulee, the 10th in the series, will go on sale on April 26 (Wednesday).


Jericho is a coined word combining "coffee jelly" and "coffee. It is a dessert drink based on Komeda's original iced coffee, to which is added coffee jelly prepared in the store.

Jericho K

aga Bo-Hojicha Kaga Bo-Hojicha is made by roasting the tasty stems of the first tea leaves. The savory aroma and refreshing aftertaste make the most of the Japanese taste of Jericho.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Jericho Kaga-bo hojicha".

Homemade coffee jelly is mixed with a hojicha drink base and topped with whipped cream and hojicha powder. The fragrance and gentle sweetness of the hojicha tea goes perfectly with the bitterness of the coffee jelly. Prices range from 640 yen to 880 yen including tax.

Jericho Crème Brulee

Creamy and rich French-style dessert drink. Homemade coffee jelly is combined with a crème brûlée drink base and finished with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Jericho Creme Brulee

The crème brûlée drink base has the mildness and richness of eggs and whipped cream. The flavor is enhanced by the caramel sauce, which has just the right amount of bitterness. You can enjoy the harmony with coffee jelly. Prices range from 640 yen to 880 yen including tax.

Jericho Original

Homemade coffee jelly with iced coffee, fresh and sweet. The "Genso" has the authentic taste that only Komeda can offer. The slightly thicker straw allows you to enjoy "swallowing, eating, and mixing". Prices range from 590 yen to 830 yen including tax. Sold all year round.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Jericho Original

Prices vary by store.
Prices vary by store.
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