T'S FACTORY "Junko Cafe Ofuro Powder


OHFURO POWDER T'S FACTORY will sell an interesting retro bath salt called "JUNSOKA OHFURO POWDER", scheduled to go on sale in late June. The price is 380 yen (excluding tax, same as below).



A "dessert" found on the menu of old-fashioned junsoca (traditional Japanese coffee shop) menus. This bath powder allows you to enjoy a bathtub with a color reminiscent of the aroma of such desserts. The package comes with nostalgic episodes to enjoy while bathing. Enjoy a relaxing off-the-beaten-path time while reminiscing about your memories of the coffee shop.

T'S FACTORY "Junko Cafe Ofuro Powder

Melon soda

"The aroma of the sweet melon soda I drank at the coffee shop where I met my boyfriend on our first date"

Peach jelly

"The aroma of the gentle peach jelly I had at the coffee shop I went to with my auntie on the way home from playing in the park"

Caramel pudding

"The sweet and bittersweet caramel pudding I had at my usual coffee shop as a reward for my hard work.

Coffee Jelly

"The scent of bittersweet coffee jelly that I had at a coffee shop I stopped by on my way home from a day I felt a little down.


"The scent of pancakes filled with maple syrup that I had with my friends at a coffee shop after school.

Fruit Parfait

"On the way home from the department store, I had a

fruit parfait

with my mom at a coffee shop,

Fruit parfait "The aroma of the luxurious fruit parfait I had with my mother at a coffee shop on the way home from the department store"


badges Embroidered badges will also be available. Each badge is embroidered with a menu item from a coffee shop. The colorful designs make you want to collect them. They can be used on tote bags and other fashionable fabrics. The retro design of the badges is cute, and you can't wait to see what you can get. The price is 600 yen.

T'S FACTORY "Junko Cafe Ofuro Powder