Lotte "Coolish Banana Ice Smoothie
Coulish Banana Ice Smoothie


COOLISH Banana Ice Smoothie LOTTE's ice cream brand "Coolish" will introduce "Coolish Banana Ice Smoothie". It will be available from April 24, 2023. It will be available from April 2023, 140 ml in volume, at an estimated price of 172 yen (tax included).

Coolish is a series of "drinkable ice cream"


characterized by a cool sensation that permeates the entire body and a refreshingly sweet and clean taste.

Lotte "Coolish Banana Ice Smoothie

The name of the new flavor comes from the phrase "ice cream that you can enjoy a nice thirst-quenching sensation and drink like a smoothie. It contains a total of 6% banana juice and pulp.

The temperature fluctuates widely in the early spring, and the company claims that the ice cream has a mild banana flavor that can be enjoyed all year round to meet the changing needs of consumers. The fine ice gives it a clean and refreshing aftertaste.