Famima "Okashina Study Book Gumi Sakura" and "Okashina Study Book Karafuru Mugichoko
The second "Okashina Study Book" that looks just like a study book

FamilyMart Study Book-Look-alike Confectionery "Okashina Study Book"

Sweets "Okashina Study Book Gumisakura" and "Okashina Study Book Karafuru Mugichoko" are now available exclusively at FamilyMart (FamilyMart).

The 2023 version will have a QR code on the package that can be scanned to take a picture with a special photo frame.

Famima Photo Frame
picture frame (with stand)



Gumi Sakura "Okashina Gakushu-cho Gumi Sakura" is a gummy shaped like a cherry blossom petal. It is made into a cherry blossom white soda flavor with a hint of cherry blossom flavor.

Priced at 172 yen (tax included, same as below). The product will go on sale on April 11, 2023.

Famima "Okashina Study Book Gumisakura
Okashina Study Book Gumisakura

Okashina Study Book Kar

afuru Mugichoko "Okashina Study Book Karafuru Mugichoko" is a colorful looking chocolate. It comes in four flavors: milk, white chocolate, green tea, and strawberry.

It is also priced at 172 yen. The product will go on sale on April 11, 2023.

FamilyMart "Okashina Study Book Karafurumichoko
Okashina Study Book, KARAFURUMI CHOKO

In principle, all of the chocolates will be sold at FamilyMart stores nationwide, but some stores may not carry them.