CAN BADGE COLLECTION Kirby of the Stars" embroidery design can badge
(Image taken from the official website)



COLLECTION Kirby of the Stars will be sold by Bandai Candy Division. The price is 275 yen per piece (tax included), and will be available around May.

Very stylish can badges designed with embroidery will be available from Shokugan. There are 14 kinds in total, and 3 of them are embroidered with gold threads, making them a little special. It is so cute that you will want to complete the set.

The package is a closing, so you can enjoy the thrill of not knowing what you are going to get. Includes 1 piece of gum. Includes 1 piece of gum (soda flavor).

The lineup of embroidered badges is as follows (total 14 kinds/including 1 secret kind).

1. Kirby 1
2. Waddle Dee
3. Kirby 2
4. Kirby 3
5. Kirby 4
6. Kirby (face)
7. Waddle Dee (face)
8. Meta Knight (face)
9. Dedede the Great
10. Kirby & Waddle Dee
11. Kirby logo
12. Kirby (Warp Star)
13. 1UP
14. Secret

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