Lotteria "Fluffy Thick Zested Cheeseburger".

Lotteria "Fu

watoro Zesshin


Lotteria will start selling "Fuwatoro Zesshin Cheeseburger" as a regular menu item on April 20 (Thu) (except at some stores). The price is 550 yen (10% tax included).

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and Thick Zephyr Cheeseburger" Lotteria released the "Zephyr Cheeseburger" in 2007, which has been well received by many customers. This time, in the hope that customers will enjoy the taste of cheeseburgers only available at Lotteria, a new product, "Fuwatoro Zesshin Cheeseburger," is now available, using a luxurious amount of natural cheese.

The new product features an exquisite cheese hamburger patty topped with two types of natural cheese (Gouda and Red Cheddar) and grilled to juicy perfection, three types of natural cheese (Gouda, Cheddar and Mozzarella) finely chopped into fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth "shredded cheese", four types of cheese (Gouda, White Cheddar and Camembert) and a cheese patty topped with a "shredded cheese". Topped with a melt-in-your-mouth "Hokkaido cheese sauce" blended with four types of cheese (Gouda, white cheddar, camembert, and mozzarella). The cheese lover will love the look and taste of the layered, melt-in-your-mouth cheese.

Lotteria "Fluffy Thick Zested Cheeseburger".

From April 20 (Thu.) to May 7 (Sun.), present the coupon on the official Lotteria website at the cash register to receive a special 50 yen discount on the Furu Potato Set, which includes the burger, Furu Potato and M drink. Eligible burgers are "Fuwatoro Zesshin Cheeseburger", "Zesshin Bacon Cheeseburger", and "Double Zesshin Cheeseburger".

Prices differ at some stores.