Lotte "Crunchy Choco Pie [And plenty of chocolate]".



Choco Pie [Plenty of Chocolate] Lotte will sell a new product, Crunchy Choco Pie [Plenty of Chocolate], which is a crispy cake version of the "small chocolate pie" that has been popular since its release last year. The product will go on sale on April 11. The product contains 8 pieces and is expected to be priced around 270 yen (tax included).

Crunchy Choco Pie [And Plenty of


"Crunchy Choco Pie [And Plenty of Choco]" is a new type of chocolate pie with a rich chocolate cream sandwiched between a crispy chocolate cake and a chocolate coating. The chocolate coating has been increased by 10% (* compared to Lotte's small Choco Pie) so that customers can experience the rich taste of chocolate. You can enjoy a new texture for the first time in the long-selling "Choco Pie" brand, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Crunchy Choco Pie [And Plenty of Chocolate]" offers a crispy texture and the rich taste of plenty of chocolate. Please check out the new texture.