New Starbucks "Orange & Mango Cake," "Strawberry Donut," and "Banana Cream Donut"
Starbucks "Summer Season" 1st New Food

Starbucks Summer Season #1 New Foods

Starbucks will introduce new foods "Orange & Mango Cake", "Strawberry Donut" and "Banana Cream Donut" as the first foods of the summer season. The menu will be available from April 12, 2023.

The concept for the first summer season is "PLAY VIVID SUMMER: Make your colors more vivid. The concept is "Play Vivid Summer. The concept was to encourage each customer to cherish their own individuality (their own color) in this season of excitement, and to start the summer season in their own unique way.

The colorful food menu is inspired by this concept. Each of them has a vivid appearance and a different appeal, allowing you to choose which one to try today according to your mood.

Orange &


Cake "Orange & Mango Cake" is a refreshing summery dish with juicy oranges and mangoes topped with orange dough. The refreshing whipped cream with yogurt added as a secret ingredient is perfect for this season.

The price is 516 yen (including tax, the same below) for take-out and 525 yen for in-store use.

Starbucks "Orange & Mango Cake"
Orange & Mango Cake


Doughnut "Strawberry Doughnut" is a menu item that is full of strawberries, both in appearance and taste, allowing you to fully enjoy the sweet and sour taste of strawberries. The price is 285 yen for take-out and 290 yen for in-store use.

Starbucks "Strawberry Donut
Strawberry Doughnut


Cream Doughnut "Banana Cream Doughnut" offers a balance between the melted texture of banana cream and the fluffy dough. The price is 285 yen for take-out and 290 yen for in-store use.

Starbucks "Banana Cream Donut
Banana cream doughnut

In principle, it is available at all Starbucks stores nationwide, but some stores are excluded. The Melon of Melon Frappuccino," which is a more fleshy version of the popular flavor of previous years, will also be available.