Ueshima Coffee Shop "Mint Milk Coffee

Ueshima Coffee Shop Mint

Milk Coffee Ueshima Coffee Shop will sell a refreshing "Mint Milk Coffee" to remind you of early summer. Limited quantities available. The price is 740 yen for R and 860 yen for L (tax included). The coffee will be on sale from April 6 to late May.


Milk Coffee Mint Milk Coffee is a refreshing milk coffee that reminds one of the arrival of early summer. The new "Mint Milk Coffee" is a refreshing and exotic taste of peppermint, made with 100% peppermint leaf tea concentrate added to the milk coffee. For an even more luxurious experience, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream as a topping. Ice cream only. Price differs at some stores.

Ueshima Coffee Shop "Mint Milk Coffee


Soda The "Lemonade Soda," which was very popular when it was launched last April, will join the grand menu this year. The combination of lemonade, which is made with lemon and honey from lychee flowers and contains no flavoring or coloring, and soda water creates a refreshing drink that brings out the feeling of early summer. The lemon juice, of course, is carefully selected for its sweetness, resulting in a soft, gently sweet and sour taste. Priced at 700 yen for R and 820 yen for L (tax included).

Ueshima Coffee Shop "Lemonade Soda