LOTTE "Sou: Dense, thick, and yammy white peach".

LOTTE "SOU: Dense Torotto Shirouto (White Peach)"

From the LOTTE "Sou" brand of ice cream, "Sou: Dense Torotto Shirouto (White Peach)" will be released on Monday, April 10, with a thick texture and dense white peach flavor. The estimated price is 172 yen (tax included).

Sou - Concentrated Torotto


(White Peach) "Sou - Concentrated Torotto Shirouto (White Peach)" is a new Sou product that focuses on the unique thick texture of white peaches. It contains 13% white peach juice and pulp, allowing consumers to enjoy the delicious taste of dense white peaches.


product that aims for a texture and taste unique to

white peaches. The product is characterized by the satisfying taste of ice cream that can be felt the moment you eat it, as well as the refreshing aftertaste created by the fine ice that rinses the inside of your mouth.

Sou: Dense and Thick White Peach" is an easy way to enjoy the recently popular "white peach" flavor. Why not enjoy the sweet, dense flavor?

Product name: Sou: Dense Torotto Shirotomo
Launch date: Monday, April 10, 2023
Launch area: Nationwide
Category name: Ice cream
Volume: 185 ml
Estimated price: ¥172 (tax included)