Cocos Chocolat Dessert Fair

Cocos Chocolat

Dessert Fair Cocos will hold a "Chocolat Dessert Fair" under the supervision of Koji Tsuchiya, owner chef of the world-renowned chocolatier "Musée de Chocolat Theobroma," from April 13 (Thu.) The sale will end in late May.

Chocolat D

essert Fair This fair features four desserts that allow you to fully enjoy the rich sweetness and bitterness of chocolat. The lineup includes Coco's signature parfait and a mini parfait that is the perfect size for after dinner, as well as two plated menu items.

A parfait filled


bittersweet chocolate ice cream, melt-in-your-mouth bitter chocolate cream, and mellow chocolate pudding. The orange and raspberry macarons on top, as well as the frozen currant (a plant native to Europe that produces red berries in early summer), give the parfait a gorgeous appearance.

Cocos Chocolat Dessert Fair "Chocolat-Sweetened Parfait

Rich salted caramel ice cream, lush orange, and freshly fragrant orange zest add accents to the rich chocolaty flavor. The crunchy candied almonds, the rich and satisfying chocolate brownie, and the smooth texture of the cacao jelly all add to the changing textures of the chocolate as you eat. Priced at 1,089 yen (tax included, same below).

Chocolat and Orange Glass Parfait

A parfait in a size that is easy to eat after a meal. Priced at 495 yen.

Cocos Chocolat Dessert Fair "Chocolat and Orange Glass Parfait

Chocolat Crepe Pie with W Cream

A dish of melting cream to be enjoyed with crispy pie, sticky crepe, and salted caramel ice cream with the sweetness of caramel and a hint of saltiness. The crepe is filled with a generous amount of bitter chocolate cream and whipped cream. The crepe is filled with bitter chocolate cream and whipped cream, and if you like, you can add the optional chocolate sauce for an even richer taste. The price is 605 yen.

Cocos Chocolat Dessert Fair "Chocolat Crepe Pie with W Cream

Chocolate and Orange Cake

: Two layers of fluffy chocolate sponge topped with whipped cream and orange slices. Orange zest and bitter chocolate cream are also placed between the top of the chocolate sponge and the two layers of sponge to create a marriage of chocolate and orange. It can be enjoyed with chocolate ice cream or salted caramel ice cream served on the plate. The price is 759 yen.

Cocos Chocolat Dessert Fair "Chocolat and Orange Cake

Available at 512 stores (as of April 4).
Not available at Yamaguchi Ube Airport.
To go is not available.
The sale will end as soon as it is gone.