Kanro "4D Gummy Flowers

4D Gummi


From the "4D Gummi" series, a three-dimensional block set by Kanro, comes "4D Gummi Flowers," elaborate, rose-shaped gummies with a three-dimensional feel. 4D Gummi" is a gummy brand developed by Amos, a candy maker, and this product is an original product jointly developed by Amos and Kanro.

4D Gummy


"4D Gummy Flowers" are peach-flavored rose-shaped gummies that bring spring. The gummy granules are elaborately made in the shape of a three-dimensional rose and are finished in a peach flavor that is familiar to Japanese people and perfect for spring. The transparent, sparkling, and cute gummy grains can be used to add color to a home party or captured in a photograph as a "gummy eye-catcher.

The package is designed to look like a bouquet of flowers with a cute rose-shaped gummy that has a three-dimensional effect, making it a perfect product for social networking.



"4D Gummies" is Amos' brand of "playable," "edible," and "educational" gummies that are sold mainly overseas, and its most distinctive feature is its elaborate shape. In Japan, they have been popular since their launch mainly on SNS due to their cuteness and beautiful colors.