Lotte "Yukimi-dakkoku Nama-Purin
Tried "Yukimi-dakkoku Nama-Purin

Lotte Yukimi Dakkoku Namaepurin

I tried Lotte's ice cream "Yukimi Dakkoku Namaepurin". The flavor of the fresh cream and the egginess go well with the mochi (rice cake) on the outside. It contains 94 ml (47 ml x 2 pieces) and is priced at 172 yen (tax included).

Lotte "Yukimi-dakkoku Nama-Purin
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The taste of

fresh cream and egginess go well with the rice cake

. The "fresh plump" flavor has been recreated in the form of snow cones to provide a smooth and creamy taste. The ice cream is wrapped in soft and elastic mochi, combining the taste of fresh plumpness with a bouncy texture.

Lotte "Yukimi-dakkoku Nama-Purin
Two pieces of ice cream wrapped in mochi, just like the regular flavors.

The slightly yellow-colored ice cream may not look much different from the standard "Yukimi-dakkuhu," but once you take a bite, you will feel the smoothness of the fresh cream in your mouth, followed by the soft texture of the mochi.

Lotte "Yukimi-dakkoku Nama-Purin
With fresh cream from Hokkaido.

The smoothness of the pudding, the egg yolk flavor of the egg, and the slight caramel-like aroma give it the impression of "raw pudding in ice cream". The addition of a Japanese-style confectionary flavor is unique to the Yukimi-dakkappu brand. It goes well with both black and green tea.

Lotte "Yukimi-dakkoku Nama-Purin
Smooth mouthfeel