Lawson "Premium Thick Raw Cheesecake (Strawberry)


Sweets to be Released on April 4】LAWSON New Sweets Summary

This page introduces new sweets to be released at Lawson on April 4, 2023, including their prices and calories. This time, "Premium Dense Canulé (Chocolat & Pistachio)", "Premium Dense Raw Cheesecake (Strawberry)", etc. will be available.

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Dense Canulé (Chocolat & P

istachio) A crispy and chewy canulé with the aroma of chocolate. Accented with pistachios. Price: ¥268. Calories 203 kcal.

LAWSON "Premium Dense Canulé (Chocolat & Pistachio)

Premium Thick Raw Cheesecake (Strawberry)

The thick raw cheesecake that melts in your mouth is now even richer and more luxurious. Price: ¥354. Calories 288 kcal.

Lawson "Premium Thick Raw Cheesecake (Strawberry)

Thick Raw


Cake Melt-in-your-mouth raw cheese cake with rich cheese. Price: ¥254. Calories 197kcal.

Lawson "Thick Raw Cheese Cake

Satisfying and filling! Choco Choux Rolls

Chocolate-covered puff pastry rolls with a hearty filling. Price: 138 yen. 520 kcal per piece.

LAWSON "Satisfying and satisfying! Chocolate Puff Roll

Satisfying! Tsubuan Danish:

A hearty Danish filled with sweet red bean paste. Price: 138 yen. 492 kcal per serving.

LAWSON "Satisfying and satisfying! Tsubuan Danish

Zakutto Potatoes - Kodawari no Shioi (Salt Flavor) 57g (2.01oz):

Enjoy the refreshing taste of four kinds of salt. Price: ¥108. Calories 311kcal per bag.

LAWSON "Zakutto Potato Kodawari no Salt Flavor 57g

Toraku Tamago no Pudding 85g (3oz)

Smooth pudding with caramel sauce made with a higher ratio of eggs for a rich egg flavor. Price: 135 yen. 160 calories per serving.

LAWSON "TORAKU Egg Pudding 85g"



Latte Iced matcha latte with rich matcha aroma and flavor. Price: 280 yen. 110 calories per serving.

LAWSON "Iced Matcha Latte