Naturo "Dandelion coffee jelly (caffeine-free)

Naturo Dandelion

Coffee Jelly (caffeine-free) The 16th item in the series of "coffee jelly" tastings is "Dandelion Coffee Jelly (caffeine-free)" sold at Natural Lawson. The price is 265 yen (tax included).


Coffee Dandelion coffee is an alternative beverage to coffee made from roasted dandelion roots. It is also popularly known as "Dandelion Tea. Dandelion Coffee Jelly is simply milk pudding with cubes of dandelion coffee jelly, milk, sugar, cream, dandelion coffee, and gelatin. Calories are 145 kcal per serving.

Even though it is coffee jelly, it is caffeine-free! Coffee jelly made with dandelion coffee is a bit unusual.

It is a coffee jelly, but caffeine-free! Coffee jelly made with dandelion coffee is a bit unusual.

Naturo Dandelion Coffee Jelly (caffeine free

) The cubes of jelly are very soft and juicy! It has a strong gelatin taste, and you can enjoy its elasticity and chewiness. The coffee is very bitter. The entire cup is filled to the brim, so you won't feel like you're missing anything.

Naturo "Dandelion Coffee Zeri"

The milk pudding also has a springy elasticity, and its sweetness is slightly moderate. You can enjoy the difference from the jelly cubes, which have a refreshing taste. They are delicious both together and separately! The mildness of the milk goes well with the bittersweet coffee flavor.

Naturo "Dandelion Coffee Zeri"

Natural Lawson's "Dandelion Coffee Jelly (caffeine free)" is a refreshingly soft and elastic jelly with a moderate sweetness. Recommended for those who "want a simple coffee jelly, but also want a sense of dessert! I want a simple coffee jelly, but I also want to have a dessert feeling! Check it out!