Ginza Cosy Corner "White Peach Short" and "White Peach Parfait

Hakuto Short" and "

Hakuto Par

fait" will be on sale at Ginza Kozy Corner fresh cake stores from April 1 (Sat) to around April 27 (Thu).

The season is filled with excitement, such as the entrance ceremony and new life. Perfect for this time of year, these white peach sweets offer a pink, spring-like flair and a rich, fruity taste.

White Peach


The "White Peach Short," which was popular last year, has been renewed so that customers can enjoy the taste of white peaches even more throughout the cake. The amount of white peach compote on the top has been increased, and the peach flavor has been added to the cream sandwiched between the sponge.

Ginza Cosy Corner "White Peach Short

This seasonal shortcake allows you to enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth pulp and mellow sweetness of white peaches. Yogurt-flavored peach cream and white peach dice, which go well with white peaches, are sandwiched between soft sponge and topped with a melt-in-your-mouth white peach compote. The elegant aroma of white peaches, cream and sponge create a refreshing trinity of harmony. The price is 529 yen (tax included).

White Peach Parfait

: A seasonal parfait-style cup of sweets in which you can enjoy the melted pulp of white peaches. Layers of peach sauce, peach-flavored sponge, peach jelly, and yogurt-flavored mousse are topped with white peach compote. The jelly makes it refreshing and easy to eat, while the softly baked sponge makes it as satisfying as eating a cake. The price is 496 yen (tax included).

Ginza KOJI CORNER "White Peach Parfait

There are no fresh cake stores in Hokkaido, Kyushu, Fukui, Kyoto, Shiga, Tottori, Shimane, Yamaguchi, Ehime, and Kochi prefectures.