Takakuracho Coffee "Orange Fair
Orange Fair (All images source: Takakuracho Coffee official website)

Takakuracho Coffee Orange Fair

The "Orange Fair" will be held at Takakuracho Coffee, announced on the official website. The menu includes "Kiyomi Orange Ricotta Pancake 《Made in Nishiuwa》", "Kiyomi Orange Ice Cake 《Made in Nishiuwa》", and "Kiyomi Orange Smoothie 《Made in Nishiuwa》". These sweets use Kiyomi oranges produced in Nishiuwa, Ehime Prefecture, which are popular for their juicy, soft jelly-like texture. The National Shop will begin selling the product on April 10.


Orange Ricotta Pancakes "Kiyomi Orange Ricotta Pancakes 《Nishiuwa Product》 "Kiyomi Orange Ricotta Pancakes 《Nishiuwa Product》" are ricotta pancakes made with Kiyomi oranges that look as if they have bloomed. It is served with orange cream. The price is 1,870 yen.

Takakuracho Coffee "KIYOMI ORANGE RICOTTA PANCAKES《from Nishiuwa》".

Kiyomi Orange Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cake from Nishiuwa》 "Kiyomi Orange Ice Cream Cake 《Ice Cake from Nishiuwa》" combines Kiyomi oranges with ice cream cake. The cool texture is perfect for this season. The price is 700 yen.

Takakuracho Coffee "Kiyomi Orange Iced Cake《from Nishiuwa》".
KIYOMI ORANGE ICE CAKE 《Ice cake produced in Nishiuwa》 《Ice cake made of KIYOMI ORANGE

Kiyomi Orange Smoothie "Kiyomi Orange Smoothie from


" is a smoothie made with the juice of Kiyomi oranges and no water. It is priced at 650 yen.

Takakuracho Coffee "Kiyoomi Orange Smoothie《from Nishiuwa》".
KIYOMI ORANGE SMOOTHY 《Grown in Nishiuwa》.