Kanro "Gumidi Yogurt Flavor"

Canlo "Gumidi Yogurt Flavor"

Gumidi Yogurt Flavor, a new type of gummy-in-a-candy from Canlo, will go on sale nationwide on Monday, April 3.

Gumidi Yogurt


Gummies, with their wide range of textures and flexible design, are enjoyed in a variety of everyday situations, such as posting on SNS, sharing among friends, and filling small bellies during work hours. This time, "Gumidi Yogurt Flavor," which combines "gummy" and "candy" in one, has been newly introduced.

The product consists of a pliable gummy coated with a crispy, easy-to-chew candy. It can be enjoyed as a candy without chewing, and also recommended for those who "get tired of licking candy continuously" as one can enjoy two layers of texture in one candy grain if chewed.

Kanro "Gumidi Yogurt Flavor"

The candy grain features a cute blue and white striped pattern. The outer candy has a sour yogurt flavor and the inner gummy has a sweet yogurt flavor, making the mixed tastes addictive and delicious. They are perfect for when you are hungry or have a sweet tooth.

The packaging expresses the "strange sensation of something you have never tasted before" with a striped pattern linked to the candy grains. The "Gumidy" logo is designed to evoke the "puru-ruru-ruru" sensation of gummy bears.

Kanro "Gumidi Yogurt Flavor"

Product name: Gumidy Yogurt Flavor
Launch date: Monday, April 3, 2023
Estimated price: 227 yen (8% tax included)
Volume: 60g (2.12oz) (including individual wrappers)
Sales area: Nationwide