Soke Minamoto Kitchoan "Rikunohoshu
Rikunohoju (variety of rice)

Soke Genkitchoan


no Houju Soke Genkitchoan has announced on its official website that "Riku no Houju," a limited-time-only sweet, will be available for pre-sale in stores only from May 1, 2023. The price is 357 yen per piece (tax included).

Muscat of Alexandria whole grains

, one of the "Nature" series of confections that make the most of the fruit. The whole "Muscat of Alexandria," which is as vividly colored as jade, is encased in a single piece. The grape is native to Egypt and is called the queen of fruits because it was favored by Cleopatra, and is known for its elegant flavor and refined sweetness.

Rikunohoshu uses fresh Muscat of Alexandria grapes delivered from Soke Minamikitchoan's own farms and contract farmers. The fruit is then wrapped in a soft rice cake called "guhi" and covered in sugar, creating a fresh summery flavor that combines acidity and sweetness.

The fresh, juicy juice of Muscat of Alexandria can be enjoyed from the thin, sugar-coated Gyuhi as you bite into the jewel-like appearance of the fruit. The softness of the gefi, the texture of the sugar on the tongue, and the crisp, flaky skin of the fruit all come together to create a refreshing taste. The sales period is subject to change depending on the amount of Muscat grapes harvested.